Wednesday, 23 February 2011

yet another Work Experience post!!!

So, wednesday, week four.
I figured if i am here for 20 days, thats about 50 posts in total for styloko. mad!!!
No wonder i am compleatly running out of ideas to post about...
even started doing menswear to keep things exciting.
I think i have learned alot about fashion in general being here,
i'm basically researching all day the latest trends, fashion events and whats in store.
But i'm not learning any new skills.
So it's a 50/50 game.
Still have no idea what i want to do for the rest of my life.
Fun times.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

work experience #something

Tuesday, week three.
been wracking my brain for ideas on what to write.
It's so odd to see a website full of posts of mine about style.
because my style is questionable.
Lets face it.

In other news, i have been asked by Khaled (my boss) to do "Style Tribe" posts.
Which is mucho exciting because i am a subculture neard.

Please remind me never to wear green tights and a red shirt again.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Work experience #4

Sick of these posts yet???? (i ammmmm)
But i have to do them, so there.

Almost half way through my work experience!
It got a little dull earlier this week with lack of photoshopping, which i enjoy.
So i just started doing my own again. (because i'm a rebel yeahh?)

well more of my posts have been published! and most of them i have done without and direction from my boss, so basically making up shit is gooood.
And maybe i don't have a bad eye for styling?? even if 80% of everything i look at is from topshop.

Talking of topshop. i finally caved and bought a few bits there... but it was only £33 so not life threatening haha.

I have also been updating my vegan blog! and doing some research on vegan make-up! fun times!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

work experience #3

Tuesday, week twooooo!

Well, Styloko pay for my travel so i can afford to eat lunch every day! yaaay!
you have no idea how important this is.

Also it's sunny outside, and looking at the new spring collections (and planning my holiday for me and my boyfriend) geeeez i just wanna shop!!!!!!! ((oh and topshop is all of two minutes away...))

I really do like working at styloko, the office is nice and spacious, we have the radio on all day (woo 30 seconds to mars is playing right now) and there are big windows.

oh yeah and the work isn't bad either, however, with any choice on what to write about at the moment and someone else doing the photoshopping for us (boooo thats the best part!) i must say i have a huge mental fashion blog right now.

then again with the (revolting) tropical brights in this spring, i think maybe i killed myself in my sleep and forgot to tell myself in the morning.

Written about 5 posted, er, posts, so far. written about 14 in total??? mad... can't really remember them to be fair. oh well.

I can do this for 4 weeks, but for the rest of my life? I'd go blind, i can't stare at a screen all day.
I actually think i'm going blind.
Where are my glasses...

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Work experience #2

Ok, so things have improved (though the work is the same).
Been writing posts on florals, birdies, Burberry, underwear, accessories, dog clothing and so on...
Set myself up with my twitter and tumblr also, you know, just because i'm on a computer all day and everyone needs distractions.

Found a soup cafe in soho with the BEST vegan vegtable and tofu ramen! Lunch is important guys! :p

I'm not learning any new skills here, but it's relaxed, fun and i get to day dream and window shop all day!

Birthday considerations!

So, with my 21st coming up, i'm wondering what to ask for...
  1. Here are a few things i particually like :p
  2. Liberty mini suitcase bag £60
  3. Instax polaroid camera with film £70
  5. An Exercise bike (dull i know, but i want one so much! or a cross trainer!)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Work experience post #1

Anyone not interested in my wonderful university course will find this dull, but i have to write it as part of my course so here we go.

I started working for styloko on monday (wooo).
Styloko is an internet blog-style site that posts about current trends, designers, online shopping deals and styling.
I thought "yeah this sounds right up my street!" I love writing, looking up new trends, info on styling and so on.
But the reality is, i sit in front of a computer from 9-6 and look at dresses all day and then photoshop them all together into little squares and say "get this look", maybe once in a while look at a designer and write about how their style has developed for this season.
Not going to lie, i could do this sleeping.
It's also making me want to do large amounts of interner shopping.
so, two days and half an hour in, i never ever, want to work in an office.
I am loving SO MUCH living in london, walking to the tube, sitting there with my paper, oh yeah i'm just another ant in the crowd, but i can pretend i'm somewhat successful. haha.
Go figure.