Monday, 21 June 2010

Rings made for tea!

So my mom owns a market stall, and it's my summer holiday, so i thought i'd make some rings for her to sell!

They were so much fun to make! Josh helped me out also which i am greatful for! so we ended up with such a cute set ^_^

Friday, 18 June 2010



Met up with Josh today and went on an odd food shop arond a polish shop, lidl, a chinese supermarket,an international food store and a wholefoods and cheap stuff food store! hehe

I bought those biscuts (£1 for 10 packs!) cheap cheap noodles, a huge block of tofu and melon juce!!!!!!! Which i love
I want to start bento-ing again! I loved making cute bento.
Like this one! (photo not mine!!)Photobucket


Also i realised how fun it can be to food shop on a budget! I think i will make it my plan to spend less from now on on things i know i don't need, then i can save for other things.
It seems like a good plan to me ^.^

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 "Got the Summer Blues" by Ruby Angelina C "Got the Summer Blues" by Ruby Angelina C: "Floral Blouse from Thrift, Topshop Check Skirt, Floral Tights from Vintage, Gift., Belt from Beyond Retro"

A sentiment.

As I lay on this hell shaped bed,
I remember what i've done
and what's just in my head

Spending the day listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, playing with my dolls and eating ice cream.
I'm on a mental comedown. But feeling good.
The summer has a weird effect on me.
I feel calm and much more myself again.

This is my new doll Emilio the 2nd

He needs a new wig but i'm thinking i like him blonde <3

I think i like things right now.