Wednesday, 22 December 2010

White Weddings and shoe coveting...

So my mom got married on saturday! Which was made more exciting by the ridiculous snow we've had!

The lucky man was Tim (the guy to the side of the wheelchair).

So for the wedding I made about 130 cupcakes (the night before....)
They ended up being decorated with fresh strawberries but i was unable to take a photo before they were taken away...

and my dress! (the day before....)
Because there is nothing like a good old panic right??!
I bought new shoes for the event! (any excuse)
These wonderful wedge rubber Melissa brogues! eeeeeeeee!
Despite the fact I was wearing them for 12hrs, they were moderatly comfortable!

But now I want, no, NEED these:
Damn melissa shoes....*saves pennies*
all in all it was a wonderful wedding and I didn't die of hypothemia or anything, exciting!
Hopefully My mom and Tim are going to have a good long marrage and maybe buy me melissa shoes for xmas?? Please? :)

Monday, 6 December 2010

Look yourself in the eyes.

But these raindrops burn
As they fall on my cheeks.
Because it isn't the sky
That's crying,
And there are no puddles on the floor,
Only mirrors in which i see my faults.