Sunday, 29 August 2010

Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee, but which is her and which one me?

So for a friends Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party, the wonderful Ame and I decided to (on a small primark budget!) go as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee! Everyone put so much effort in!
We had alot of fun confusing the wonderful idiots over on with webcam fuckery.

I made cupcakes.
I am ashamed to say I was sober all night, haha but had just as much fun as the drunk did!

Bristol Zoo Lolita meet! A late post....

Better late than never?
So a few weeks ago i went to my 3rd-ish lolita meet-up, it was held at bristol zoo so yay for seeing meerkats and bats and other cool animals ^_^
As you can see, we are all meerkats now. This is what I wore, I wanted to put a little 50's spin on lolita because I guess it mixes in more with my personal style.
Not particually flattering but it could be
Brogues with lolita = love.
Make up was dead by then due to the rain.
Butt shot!
Amelie looking mighty fine inside a ship window! I had such a wonderful day! Everyone was super friendly and even though it rained alot it was still a laugh.
I'm glad everyone put so much effort into getting (and baking) food and looked so lovely!
I need to go to more lolita meets.
Which means buying more lolita clothing, haha.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Hardore Tea

Because regular sugar is not hardcore enough.

For the record it taisted ok for about two sips, then you get a hit of food colouring.

No sugar in the house though.

So had to be done.

Just another normal day with Amelie over and tea ^^

Monday, 16 August 2010

Teacup Tattoos, eyebrows and glass teacups

I need one of these for my gin and tonic.
I can't think of a better way to get smashed than with a glass teacup!
I mean in an ideal world i'd have a set of them and a glass teapot to mix cocktails in!
Maybe for christmas? :) Anyways, a few days ago i went and got my three teacup tattoos!
I got them done in Skin art tattoo studio in Taunton (somerset)
Mark and Rob are the two tattoo artists there, mark did the umbrella two years ago with awesome shading.
This time i had Rob to do the cups! I was very happy with how they were done, the colours used are very vivid and once i have the rest of the sleeve done they are going to look epic ^.^
This is the only angle where all three can be seen, but once they have healed i will get close up shots of them.
Whilst being tattooed i was offered (and accepted) tea and got to chat to rob and mike?? (who's started an apprentiship) So it was a great experience and i didn't feel nervous at all.
Which is a hugeee plus.
Hahahaha, so recently i have been playing with my hair more and curling my fringe, meaning i can (for like the first time in yearrrs) see my eyebrows! so i buckled down and watched shitloads of tutorials on eyebrow shape :p
and i finally have decent eyebrows +facial emotion! hahaha
Sad eyebrows! mwahaha
Also i stopped wearing pencil eyeliner (both black and white) Just using a thin line of liquid on my top eyelids.
It looks much tidier and actually makes my face look less tired :p haha.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Anything but CUPCAKES!

Ok ok....I think i'm obsessed with cupcakes...hehe
The blue cupcakes have fresh blueberries in the batter and sugar sprinkles on the butter icing.
The pink ones are plain but with edible glitter sprinked on top of the pink butter icing!
I have been baking so much since i have been home from uni
(because there is actually an oven here!)
This is not a food blog (or maybe it is o.O) but i just love to cook!!!
These particular cupcakes are for tomorrows lolita meet-up in bristol! So i hope they taist good ^_^ x
I cooked lunch for my mom today also, a spicy cream of vegtable soup with chives.
haha my life is so exciting...
oh! I also got three teacups tattooed on my left arm, but i'll post pictures when they have healed up and there isn't clingfilm on my arm...mwahaha.
Been eating the butter icing, so a little hyper ^.^
I need to get out more...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Blueberry Cupcakes and Sewing.

So today I decided to make cupcakes again (can you tell I like them yet??? lol)

They are blueberry cupcakes with fresh blueberries in the cake mix and crushed blueberries mixed into the butter icing. Topped with white chocolate stars!
My mom's town has a cake decorating shop! so i got the polkadot cake paper cups there!
As well as cake glitter but i am saving that!

Also I have been sewing the last few days, this is a dress i'm making for my mom, i traced the pattern from another of her dresses that she likes the fit of.
I also made this dress for me by tracing a pattern from a previous dress i know fits well.
(it also has shirring at the back)

(the fabric was a tablecloth!!! hahaha)

Anyways, that is all!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Vintage finds

So yesterday i dragged my mom to the carboot sale, despite her thinking it would rain, therefore a bad turnout of sellers.
But there was no rain. And a lot of sellers!
I was looking mainly for things on ships, old maps, books on the sea, ect. For my uni project "ill lit ships" (named after a blaqk audio song)

What i found however was much MUCH better.

I have been looking for a typewriter for ages now, it's just one of those thing's i'd love to own, because i love to write, and i love vintage things.

Not only did i find alot of working, perfectly conditioned typewriters, but i found one with a carrycase (it's a junior petite) its TURQUOISE!
it was £5.00
all it needs is a new ink ribbon as the current one has dried out.

eep! it's going to look so cute in my uni room on my desk....

Also my mom found a huge vintage suitcase for £2.50, i found a miniture (A5 size) one for £1 and the book, an old bible dating back to the 1800's for £1 also!

I also found this bag for £1

So all in all an EPIC trip! Though no one had anything on!

Sunday, 1 August 2010



It's ridiculous how doing such a small thing can make you feel so proud!

I know it's scruffy, hehe, but i love it.

The herbs were fresh from the garden, i made the pastry myself, and my mom and I podded the peas, hehe.

It's a vegtable pie with onion and rosemary savory sauce, cashews and pine nuts.
And yes it was yummy ^.^