Friday, 13 August 2010

Anything but CUPCAKES!

Ok ok....I think i'm obsessed with cupcakes...hehe
The blue cupcakes have fresh blueberries in the batter and sugar sprinkles on the butter icing.
The pink ones are plain but with edible glitter sprinked on top of the pink butter icing!
I have been baking so much since i have been home from uni
(because there is actually an oven here!)
This is not a food blog (or maybe it is o.O) but i just love to cook!!!
These particular cupcakes are for tomorrows lolita meet-up in bristol! So i hope they taist good ^_^ x
I cooked lunch for my mom today also, a spicy cream of vegtable soup with chives.
haha my life is so exciting...
oh! I also got three teacups tattooed on my left arm, but i'll post pictures when they have healed up and there isn't clingfilm on my arm...mwahaha.
Been eating the butter icing, so a little hyper ^.^
I need to get out more...

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