Monday, 2 August 2010

Vintage finds

So yesterday i dragged my mom to the carboot sale, despite her thinking it would rain, therefore a bad turnout of sellers.
But there was no rain. And a lot of sellers!
I was looking mainly for things on ships, old maps, books on the sea, ect. For my uni project "ill lit ships" (named after a blaqk audio song)

What i found however was much MUCH better.

I have been looking for a typewriter for ages now, it's just one of those thing's i'd love to own, because i love to write, and i love vintage things.

Not only did i find alot of working, perfectly conditioned typewriters, but i found one with a carrycase (it's a junior petite) its TURQUOISE!
it was £5.00
all it needs is a new ink ribbon as the current one has dried out.

eep! it's going to look so cute in my uni room on my desk....

Also my mom found a huge vintage suitcase for £2.50, i found a miniture (A5 size) one for £1 and the book, an old bible dating back to the 1800's for £1 also!

I also found this bag for £1

So all in all an EPIC trip! Though no one had anything on!

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