Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Blueberry Cupcakes and Sewing.

So today I decided to make cupcakes again (can you tell I like them yet??? lol)

They are blueberry cupcakes with fresh blueberries in the cake mix and crushed blueberries mixed into the butter icing. Topped with white chocolate stars!
My mom's town has a cake decorating shop! so i got the polkadot cake paper cups there!
As well as cake glitter but i am saving that!

Also I have been sewing the last few days, this is a dress i'm making for my mom, i traced the pattern from another of her dresses that she likes the fit of.
I also made this dress for me by tracing a pattern from a previous dress i know fits well.
(it also has shirring at the back)

(the fabric was a tablecloth!!! hahaha)

Anyways, that is all!

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  1. wow thats so good! i wish I could do that al i'm good at making is tiny pillows! hehe xx