Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bristol Zoo Lolita meet! A late post....

Better late than never?
So a few weeks ago i went to my 3rd-ish lolita meet-up, it was held at bristol zoo so yay for seeing meerkats and bats and other cool animals ^_^
As you can see, we are all meerkats now. This is what I wore, I wanted to put a little 50's spin on lolita because I guess it mixes in more with my personal style.
Not particually flattering but it could be
Brogues with lolita = love.
Make up was dead by then due to the rain.
Butt shot!
Amelie looking mighty fine inside a ship window! I had such a wonderful day! Everyone was super friendly and even though it rained alot it was still a laugh.
I'm glad everyone put so much effort into getting (and baking) food and looked so lovely!
I need to go to more lolita meets.
Which means buying more lolita clothing, haha.


  1. Ahhh haa haaa I look amazing in that ships window!! and you looked good as alwaysss <3

  2. haha thanks, you do indeed!!!! <3