Friday, 30 July 2010

Beauty killer

I think i wear too much make up, i mean i have no problem with it, but lol, there is alot...
-Bio oil
-tweezers to fix eyebrows
-Foundation mousse with sponge
-eyebrow pencil
-brown shadow and fine brush (for eyebrows)
-sheer powder with brush
-blusher with brush
-black eyeliner
-white eyeliner
-white eyeshadow
-blue eyeliner
-blue eyeshadow
-black liquid eyeliner
-black mascara
-(not pictured) lip liner

and i put that on my face everyday, even when not going out the house...i hate to look at myself without make-up on, it's not even vanity, i have body dysmorphia, so i can't see what i really look like, i distort myself in my head, so without make up i get paranoid and start to pick at my face and can do it for hours, damaging my skin. It's a crap disorder!

Anyway, i wore this today, lol i look grumpy as hell but i like the setting/colours...

I went to town and had lunch with my mom! which was nice, and i got some red shoes for £2
yay! ^.^

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

So just smile and say it's worth every breakdown.
'Cause i still clearly can see who you are.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Aha! I figured how to do hair bows from my real hair!
(Real hair that is now a copper/honey colour) I decided to bleach it a bunch of times then stick on a honey shade toner.
It's brighter than this in real life, haha.
Not much of an update but hopefully i'll get some sewing or uni work done today to write about!
I am being too lazy o(T_T)o
I also changed my uni project to be all about ships and the sea.
Which sucks because i have no 1st-hand research on ships...
boooo stupid Ruby ¬.¬
*goes to sew*

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Delight meet! A Gyaru day out~

So the day after Gackt I went to Delight's Gyaru meet up! (Amelie you suck for getting me into this stuff but i lub chu anyhow)
I forgot how awesome circle lenses are XD
I had so much fun meeting everyone and i'm glad i got to see them at Gackt too! ^^
I definatly think gyaru is gonna happen again XD I mean tbh my daily make-up is gyaru without the lashes and lenses anyways. And it can be mixed with mori which is my no.1 style anyways.
Personally i think it's ok to mix styles as long as you do it subtly.
I enjoy mori/vintage/lolita mixes and gyaru/casual also so it's all good really...
I don't think people should be confined to ~one style only~ because people are not the same all the time! and boxes are boring!Anyway, for our day we went to China Town to take purikura, then had lunch in a nice chinese (and woo i had my strawberry chopsticks with me!)
Then we went to the arcade to mess about on some games and then to st. James park!
It was a really lovely day and I will defiantly go to more meets!


Oh my gosh

Seriously, I cannot thank Amelie and James for finding my Gackt ticket and lending me the money for it! LOVE YOU GUYZ!

So on the wednesday Amelie and I traveled to London for the friday Gackt concert in London's O2 islington academy.

Due to the no camping rules we ended up finding a hostel for the wednesday night but hung about in islington the rest of the time to make sure we still could get to the que asap!

I managed to be no.8 in the que! which was worth sleeping on the street for! lol.

Seriously, i am not kidding, seeing Gackt live has to be the best gig i have ever been to in my whole life EVER.

The setlist rocked!

Gackt ripped his shirt off and threw it RIGHT NEXT TO ME! so i now own a piece of his shirt! (which smells amazing, apparantly it's Chanel's Platinum Egoiste ugh i need some...)

Chacha looked SO HAPPY it was adorable! and You was to my left and he looked awesome too (well they all did, but i particually like chacha and you...)

Ugh but Gackt! seriously, that man is a god, nothing compairs to seeing that man live.

Everyone was so nice also! I'm so glad i met the people I did ^.^ It gives me faith in Jrock again, and after not enjoying girugamesh (which was the last band i saw before Gackt)

EEP it's just so hard to put into words what that gig ment to me.

After all, it was seven years ago i first found Gackt and Jrock!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Classic lolita

Yippe! My bodyline order arrived (with a £20 fee >.<)
So I thought i'd dress up to celebrate!
Excuse my lack of make-up!
Hat, Cutsew: Bodyline
Skirt: Meta
Belt: vintage
Socks, shoes: Urban outfitters


So for my last day at work in the pub i made cupcakes!
Lovingly, i might add.

Then i came home to somerset and my mom had made me cupcakes!

Which is awesome, obviously. ^_^

Also i really like this picture!!! Happy to be home and seeing Amelie and eating cake! hehe

That is all! Though i will be posting up pictures of the house, it has been decorated awesome!


Friday, 9 July 2010

Day in London

So i went to London today to do research for my uni project that i have named
"deepest, darkest"
(referring to fears, secrets, hidden personalities and so on...)
Now, all the places i went:

Oxford street: For Urban outfitters (researching designer Peter Jensen) I ended up buying shoes and socks because they would rock with vintage!loli...

Carnaby Street: For Traffic People (store) Then CandyCakes store! Which sells mini macaroons!

Covent Garden: For Another Cake store which turned out just to be another CandyCakes XD

Somerset House: For the Maison Margiela exhibition, which actually....was amazing!

London Aquarium: For my deepest phobia......I'm terrified of fish! But OMG those jellyfish rock!!!

Tate Modern: For the surrealism
It was a fun (but tiring) day!!!
Annnnd i got cute chopsticks to eat mah food!
Yay! ~
God, lol the weather was SO HOT! like 30 degrees! mad! well, mad for the uk :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bodyline order

My bodyline order~

Though the jsk and socks in sax blue
Yeah i know, bodyline is bodyline...but when you need some basics you can't really go wrong.

(well you can but i like to think i know enough after liking lolita for seven years!)

Ugh i feel old....


I also ordered a Metamorphose candyhouse skirt from eglsales which arrived at my moms house today! eeeee

exciting! lol

Tea at Josh's House!

More tea madame?

So I went to see Josh(Adam) and Josh at their house to pick up my overlocker and we had tea!

Which is always eventful. (and i love the mix n matched tea cups!)

And also, they had these poppies in the garden! They are the cutest i have EVER seen!
I mean, frilly, pink poppies! eeep!
Also, i am getting back into lolita, and when i say back, i really mean starting again, because although i have had a few lolita items, i was never really a lolita, however much i wanted to be!
So i think 20 is a good age to get into it! haha
Plus what with moving to a new house in september and having a new room to decorate!
I'm thinking of cuteness!!!
Oddly, the only thing i don't much like about lolita is the shoes, so i will be sticking to vintage style mary janes and such.
I'm just glad i don't need anymore dolls at the moment!
cute things cost so much XD

Monday, 5 July 2010

Trendspotted in Brighton

So a while ago (whilst on my way to an amazing tea shop) my freinds and I were ALL trendspotted by the wonderful lomokev (Kevin meredith)!

Josh got published in Brighton Source magazine in May for the streetstyle section.

Then I got a phone call for an interview and got published in June! ^.^

This was the final image they used:

And this is what was published online (and the words also from the magazine)

And words from Kevin:
This is Kevin's Blog: (also i think this image will be in his new book!)

hehe, it was such an exciting day! lots of tea involved ^.^

Saturday, 3 July 2010


So i finally got the twins photographed! Why i didn't do it sooner i don't know. But i really do adore them!

I jsut want to get them huge lolita dresses and deck them out in lace XD It would be so cute...

But until then, they atleast have an outfit!