Friday, 30 July 2010

Beauty killer

I think i wear too much make up, i mean i have no problem with it, but lol, there is alot...
-Bio oil
-tweezers to fix eyebrows
-Foundation mousse with sponge
-eyebrow pencil
-brown shadow and fine brush (for eyebrows)
-sheer powder with brush
-blusher with brush
-black eyeliner
-white eyeliner
-white eyeshadow
-blue eyeliner
-blue eyeshadow
-black liquid eyeliner
-black mascara
-(not pictured) lip liner

and i put that on my face everyday, even when not going out the house...i hate to look at myself without make-up on, it's not even vanity, i have body dysmorphia, so i can't see what i really look like, i distort myself in my head, so without make up i get paranoid and start to pick at my face and can do it for hours, damaging my skin. It's a crap disorder!

Anyway, i wore this today, lol i look grumpy as hell but i like the setting/colours...

I went to town and had lunch with my mom! which was nice, and i got some red shoes for £2
yay! ^.^


  1. I'm so happy to read that I'm not the only one obsessed with make up!I totally understand you, sometimes I even sleep with eyeliner&mascara...but I'll probably get some eye-trouble sooner or later...T__T

  2. haha when i was last dating, if i stayed round the guys house, i'd sleep with my make-up on! Yeah it hurts to wake up and realise most of the mascara ran into my eyes (and all over the pillow...)
    It's not a good thing to do but i think more people do it than we think!

    oh i can't wait for the day that i'm rich enough to go to a mac store and buy myself a new full make-up set! haha...i can dream :)