Sunday, 18 July 2010

Delight meet! A Gyaru day out~

So the day after Gackt I went to Delight's Gyaru meet up! (Amelie you suck for getting me into this stuff but i lub chu anyhow)
I forgot how awesome circle lenses are XD
I had so much fun meeting everyone and i'm glad i got to see them at Gackt too! ^^
I definatly think gyaru is gonna happen again XD I mean tbh my daily make-up is gyaru without the lashes and lenses anyways. And it can be mixed with mori which is my no.1 style anyways.
Personally i think it's ok to mix styles as long as you do it subtly.
I enjoy mori/vintage/lolita mixes and gyaru/casual also so it's all good really...
I don't think people should be confined to ~one style only~ because people are not the same all the time! and boxes are boring!Anyway, for our day we went to China Town to take purikura, then had lunch in a nice chinese (and woo i had my strawberry chopsticks with me!)
Then we went to the arcade to mess about on some games and then to st. James park!
It was a really lovely day and I will defiantly go to more meets!

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