Thursday, 8 July 2010

Bodyline order

My bodyline order~

Though the jsk and socks in sax blue
Yeah i know, bodyline is bodyline...but when you need some basics you can't really go wrong.

(well you can but i like to think i know enough after liking lolita for seven years!)

Ugh i feel old....


I also ordered a Metamorphose candyhouse skirt from eglsales which arrived at my moms house today! eeeee

exciting! lol


  1. Fuck yeah Candy House <3 What colour did you get?

    I love that Bodyline blue dress. So cute.

  2. You are gonna look so cute in all that stuff!!

  3. @Burnlikethesun Cream!!! and the long hopefully it won't swamp me! lol. Though i'm not bothered about making it shorter ^.^

    Thank you rave! hehe you always support my lolita needs XD oh and the parcel has left japan already!!! ^____^ x