Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tea at Josh's House!

More tea madame?

So I went to see Josh(Adam) and Josh at their house to pick up my overlocker and we had tea!

Which is always eventful. (and i love the mix n matched tea cups!)

And also, they had these poppies in the garden! They are the cutest i have EVER seen!
I mean, frilly, pink poppies! eeep!
Also, i am getting back into lolita, and when i say back, i really mean starting again, because although i have had a few lolita items, i was never really a lolita, however much i wanted to be!
So i think 20 is a good age to get into it! haha
Plus what with moving to a new house in september and having a new room to decorate!
I'm thinking of cuteness!!!
Oddly, the only thing i don't much like about lolita is the shoes, so i will be sticking to vintage style mary janes and such.
I'm just glad i don't need anymore dolls at the moment!
cute things cost so much XD

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