Monday, 16 August 2010

Teacup Tattoos, eyebrows and glass teacups

I need one of these for my gin and tonic.
I can't think of a better way to get smashed than with a glass teacup!
I mean in an ideal world i'd have a set of them and a glass teapot to mix cocktails in!
Maybe for christmas? :) Anyways, a few days ago i went and got my three teacup tattoos!
I got them done in Skin art tattoo studio in Taunton (somerset)
Mark and Rob are the two tattoo artists there, mark did the umbrella two years ago with awesome shading.
This time i had Rob to do the cups! I was very happy with how they were done, the colours used are very vivid and once i have the rest of the sleeve done they are going to look epic ^.^
This is the only angle where all three can be seen, but once they have healed i will get close up shots of them.
Whilst being tattooed i was offered (and accepted) tea and got to chat to rob and mike?? (who's started an apprentiship) So it was a great experience and i didn't feel nervous at all.
Which is a hugeee plus.
Hahahaha, so recently i have been playing with my hair more and curling my fringe, meaning i can (for like the first time in yearrrs) see my eyebrows! so i buckled down and watched shitloads of tutorials on eyebrow shape :p
and i finally have decent eyebrows +facial emotion! hahaha
Sad eyebrows! mwahaha
Also i stopped wearing pencil eyeliner (both black and white) Just using a thin line of liquid on my top eyelids.
It looks much tidier and actually makes my face look less tired :p haha.


  1. I do love the new eyebrows so so much T0T!!

    Hmm thats an amazing glass teacup o___o we need to invest in some for fine drinking me thinks~

  2. haha totally, its still on ebay so i hope its there to buy when my student loan goes in XD
    what a plan! ^_^ x