Friday, 10 September 2010

An inspector calls

"oh what a lovely home you have dear"
Spoke the cat.
"thank you, what a charming personallity you have"
I replied as the cat sat upon my lap with grace, purring away.
"oh why thank you dear, though i must tell you, i am not fond of tuna..."
So once the dish was placed to the ground, the cat turned tail and vanished into the warm afternoon.
I was hopeful he'd come again, though i do wonder his intentions, coming in, looking around, acting elequent.
Then leaving.

Ok, so perhaps he wasn't really an inspector, but he was a ridiculously freindly cat.

I moved into my student house eight days ago, and currently we do not have the internet, so it will be a while till i can start my blogging again.


Yes... i have plans!

This blog is going to gain a purpose, there will be weekly baking, styling and sewing tutorials!

It's rather annoying how i would like to get this started now...but all in due time.

and just because it has to happen, 30 more cupcakes.

Bringing my summer total to 120 ^__^

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