Friday, 5 November 2010

#2 Cooking post: Stuffed mushrooms with rocket salad.

Stuffed mushrooms with rocket and spinach salad with a lemon and balsalmic vinegar dressing and garlic new potatoes.
Cooking time: 20mins.
Preparing time: about 15mins?

  • Prepare mushrooms (some people peel them, pick out the stalk etc.)
  • Place raw,underside-up,on a tin-foil covered tray.
  • mix in a bowl:
  1. Adiquet cheese (for six mushrooms, about two big handfuls when grated)
  2. (I used mature cheddar.)
  3. Two teaspoons of parmasan cheese.
  4. Three tablespoons of wholegrain mustard.
  • Put half a teaspoon of butter in the middle of each mushroom underside.
  • add a few spoons of the mixture to each mushroom and spread over the underside.
  • Cover all mushrooms with a loose layer of tinfoil and bake at 180 degrees for 15mins.

After 15mins:

  • Remove from oven and remove top tinfoil.
  • Place under a grill for 5mins until cheese is brown.
  • Optional! Wrap warm mushrooms in parma-ham sheets!


  1. A pre-mixed bag of rocket, water-cress and spinage.
  2. An advacado
  3. Cucumber, cubed.
  4. Four chopped spring onions.
  5. Chopped tomatoes.
  • Add a squeese of lemon (about five tablespoons)
  • Add a drizzle of balsalmic vinegar.
  • Mix!
  • Wash, chop and boil!
  • (until soft, I cook them in their skins also)
  • Leave to cool a little then mix with three tablespoons of butter and three cloves of garlic, crushed.

Really easy and yummy! Could have done with perhaps double the serving haha...

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