Thursday, 28 October 2010

#1 Cooking Post - Sushi and Inari dinner.

Today I did a slight Halloween/Autumn spin on a Japanese meal!

Wasabi (bought in a tube)

Inari pouches (pre-soaked) with seasoning flakes and rice wine vinegar (came all in a packet..)

Aubergine fried in oil and soy sauce with toasted sesame seeds

cucumber, spring onion and sweetcorn sushi
(Nori bought flat, sushi rice cooked in wine vinegar again)

Pumpkin: Cooked in bread-crumbs, sugar, sesame seeds and wine vinegar.

Poor pumpkin!
Also served satay chicken cooked by robyn (I can't cook meat at all)
All in all a sucessful meal, we did finish all of it so can't have been that bad!
Whole thing cost £20 and fed seven people.
If i could change anything i would have baked the pumpkin or boiled then fried it in cubes.


  1. It all looks so delicious
    I am such an Inari addict, Im so craving it now!!

  2. Inari is wonderful stuff! Even convinced housemates who don't like tofu to try it, and they loved it!
    Thank you ^^

  3. That all looks so delicious, even if it is healthy :P