Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Tea Party and the Birth of Cult25

You ask what students do these days?
Well, look no further for I am about to give you the horrifying answers.

We throw Tea parties and start cults.
yes indeed.
Not just any Tea parties, but a seven course Dessert-feast.

Rundown of the food:
  • Tia Maria hot-chocolate with whipped cream
  • Clotted cream and strawberry jam fairy cakes
  • Stir-fry veg and rice with spring rolls
  • Frozen peach yogurt in a teacup
  • Blamange? In Raspberry and Strawberry
  • Christmas pudding
  • Lemon and white chocolate cheesecake
We decided it was about time to start a cult.
We do not worship anyone, or kill people (well...), but we do make really good cake.

After our Tea Party we took a walk down to the beach where we burned candles and chanted to Satan (duhh)...
Interested in joining us?
We will soon have a blog up and running.
It's not ready quite yet but it will be soon so don't lose hope.
We do accept body parts and bribes to join.

1 comment:

  1. I almost read chanted to Santa..... XD I WANT TO JOIN THOUGH I CANNOT OFFER ANYTHING...(But I am drawn in by that Blamange D:! It looks so good!)