Thursday, 28 October 2010

Nine trains but i'd do it again to see you guys.

Spent two days in Birmingham with the wonderful Amelie.
Had a really relaxing time up there.
We had lunch at a crepe/pancake cafe (cute no?)
And look at the leaves! Autumn really does rock.
I also went to Bristol and met up with Pippa and then to Taunton to see my (boyfriend) Paul and my mommy who's planning her winter wedding.
I think i forget how nice it is to catch up with friends even if it means getting a total of 9 trains in four days and being shattered by the end of it.
Oh and of course it was good to come home to the cult house and see everyone again even after four days of being away.
And having sebastian (The cat) sleep on my bed.


  1. Haa haa I'm glad you came up! I miss you too much already T0T!

    That pic of me at the end is sooo bad tho! But I do feel honoured I get my own Tag XD!!

  2. indeed you do! ^.^ naaah it's fine! And it was nice to see you, just get your act together and do your work!!! love you xxx