Tuesday, 8 February 2011

work experience #3

Tuesday, week twooooo!

Well, Styloko pay for my travel so i can afford to eat lunch every day! yaaay!
you have no idea how important this is.

Also it's sunny outside, and looking at the new spring collections (and planning my holiday for me and my boyfriend) geeeez i just wanna shop!!!!!!! ((oh and topshop is all of two minutes away...))

I really do like working at styloko, the office is nice and spacious, we have the radio on all day (woo 30 seconds to mars is playing right now) and there are big windows.

oh yeah and the work isn't bad either, however, with any choice on what to write about at the moment and someone else doing the photoshopping for us (boooo thats the best part!) i must say i have a huge mental fashion blog right now.

then again with the (revolting) tropical brights in this spring, i think maybe i killed myself in my sleep and forgot to tell myself in the morning.

Written about 5 posted, er, posts, so far. written about 14 in total??? mad... can't really remember them to be fair. oh well.

I can do this for 4 weeks, but for the rest of my life? I'd go blind, i can't stare at a screen all day.
I actually think i'm going blind.
Where are my glasses...

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