Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Work experience post #1

Anyone not interested in my wonderful university course will find this dull, but i have to write it as part of my course so here we go.

I started working for styloko on monday (wooo).
Styloko is an internet blog-style site that posts about current trends, designers, online shopping deals and styling.
I thought "yeah this sounds right up my street!" I love writing, looking up new trends, info on styling and so on.
But the reality is, i sit in front of a computer from 9-6 and look at dresses all day and then photoshop them all together into little squares and say "get this look", maybe once in a while look at a designer and write about how their style has developed for this season.
Not going to lie, i could do this sleeping.
It's also making me want to do large amounts of interner shopping.
so, two days and half an hour in, i never ever, want to work in an office.
I am loving SO MUCH living in london, walking to the tube, sitting there with my paper, oh yeah i'm just another ant in the crowd, but i can pretend i'm somewhat successful. haha.
Go figure.

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