Thursday, 10 February 2011

Work experience #4

Sick of these posts yet???? (i ammmmm)
But i have to do them, so there.

Almost half way through my work experience!
It got a little dull earlier this week with lack of photoshopping, which i enjoy.
So i just started doing my own again. (because i'm a rebel yeahh?)

well more of my posts have been published! and most of them i have done without and direction from my boss, so basically making up shit is gooood.
And maybe i don't have a bad eye for styling?? even if 80% of everything i look at is from topshop.

Talking of topshop. i finally caved and bought a few bits there... but it was only £33 so not life threatening haha.

I have also been updating my vegan blog! and doing some research on vegan make-up! fun times!

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